Terms and Conditions


Guidelines to the parents and all others who have sought registrations of their wards, viz., - Brides or Bride – Grooms at the Vadhu-Varara Anveshana Kuteera, Bangalore – 560003.

1.The Trust welcomes the Registration and assures every one concerned of the best possible service from the Trust.

2.The Trust allots a Registration Number to each of the Brides & Bride-Grooms registered and it is important that the number should be referred to in all further correspondence with this office.

3.While presenting the application for Registration of the Bride / Bride-Groom all the columns provided in the form should please be filled up accurately and the photo of the applicant affixed to the form. In case the photo is not readily available at the time of registration the same should be sent to the Trust within a week of the registration.

4.Any change in the residential address / contact address of the Registered Bride / Bride-groom or the parent / guardian should be communicated to the Trust office immediately.

5.At present the Trust maintains computerized information regarding the brides and Bride-Grooms with their registered numbers, dates of Registration their addresses, age, date of birth, educational qualifications, information regarding the employment held, if any. This information is classified separately related to brides, bride-grooms and also separately under different groups namely : (a) Medical, (b) Engineering, (c) Post Graduates, (d) Graduates, (e) Diploma Holders, (f) PUC and SSLC Passed, (g) Others including divorcees or persons who have lost their partners. Additional information and available Bio-data of the persons registered are maintained in separate Registers along with their photographs affixed in most of the cases.

6.Persons who have registered in the Trust are allowed to consult the staff for records, files and registers maintained for their bonafide purposes. With a view to avoid improper use of the Trust Office are advised to make the Trust records available for perusal to the brides or the bride-grooms and their parents only.

7.Registered persons visiting the Mandali office for obtaining information required by them may after verifying the files and records maintained in the Trust, collect and requested to note particulars of not more than six cases of their choice at a time. In case it so turns out that the information collected relating to the earlier cases has not been helpful and negotiations fruitful, a second or even subsequent visit may be paid to collect particulars relation to some other cases. The most important point to be clearly understood by all is that the persons who have collected some information should first write to the party on the opposite side has the facility to telephone, contact them by telephone and acquaint them whith particulars of the calling sire, and after obtaining their consent or permission either by post or over telephone they may make arrangement to meet the other party.

8.The Parents or their wards viz-brides or bride-grooms are requested not to take the Trust Staff Members with them on their trip in connection with matrimonial negotiation.

9.The trust records contain whatever information that has been furnished by. The persons seeking registration. The Trust does not vouchsafe the accuracy of the particulars so furnished by the parties. The persons seeking information may make their own enquires or verification and take suitable decisions thereafter. Trust will not be responsible in the above matter.

10.Persons Visiting the Trust are requested to transact their work in silence and also avoid disturbance of the children, if any, who accompany them, taking photo's in every method is not allowed.

11.The Persons who have registered in the Trust may contact the president, Vice President, Treasurer or General Secretary in case they require any additional information on the Office phone No. 080- 22269237.

12.All Registrations will be in force for a period of one year only. It is to be renewed in the Second year. This renewed registration will be for one year only. Further every year to be renewed.

13.The video coverage of the matrimonial meet can be viewed in the Trust Office.

14.All the information of the Brides & Bride-Grooms will be computerized along with photograph which can be searched by the member easily.

15.We are conducting monthly Samavesha on the last Sunday of every month in the after-noon since 24.2.2002. We are publishing every month about this in all leading Kannada and English News papers of Karnataka. At the Time of Registration we are informing to each about this arrangement.

16.In case marriage is settled after the registration of the Bride / Bride-Groom, Intimation of this should please be given to the Trust Office immediately.

17.The processing of every registration to a favorable matrimonial negotiation is slow process and much patience and co-operations expected on all sides. Favorable results cannot be expected as a matter of course. Perseverance is the key note of success.

18.Office will work on all the days of the week from 10 AM to 6PM except yearly holidays. (Declared holidays by the Trust can be known in Trust Office.).

19.The Divorcees should produce copies of the divorce Judgment and divorce decrees copy if any at the time of registration.